You watch what you eat so why not watch what you put on your skin?

You are what you eat is the old saying, so if you’re eating food laced with pestoricides and are processed. Don’t you think it is the same with your skin? Why slather yourself with man made chemicals?

Organic Natural skin products are AWESOMEl. They help keep your skin looking fresh and glowing.

Instead of nasty chemicals they use natural ingredients such as essential oils, jojoba, coconut, olive, or hemp oils, herbs, plants, and flower extracts. ORGANIC and NATURAL

I am speaking from experience, as I have been on both sides of the fence. I have used chemical name brand products, in the past.

My skin was terrible, irritated, dry rough and NOW use organic natural skin products. I have found these products through trial and error, to be BETTER than those name brand products, which will age you before your time. As I said before I used to have dry, rough, irritated skin and would see the dermatologist on a regular basis, now that I use organic products my skin is fabulous. I was done with making my skin sick! I was ready to have healthy, glowing skin!

As I said I tried many different products and read many different label. I was surprised to see how any “Organic” products weren’t really organic at all. After doing research I came to find Dr. Bronner’s Soaps and Skin Care Products, this is just one of the many I found, and seems to be the most popular and has a great track record . I will name some other soaps I found later, because there are others that are wonderful also and local, which is good. Cuts down on the carbon footprint!

Not only are they Organic and Natural, CERTIFIED, they are environmentally friendly, help out others by showing them a new way to farm, and be a co-operative farm. but its GOOD for your BODY, most important!!!

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