You Want Soft, Supple, Smooth, Glowing skin?

If you say YES then you need to try ORGANIC NATURAL SKIN CARE Products! why? you ask.

Because its not only GREAT for you but all those chemicals, synthetic chemicals you slather on your skin will harm you and the environment. I know I love the outdoors, and I’m pretty sure you do too. So it is important when you purchase your skin care products that they be ORGANIC NATURAL SKIN CARE PRODUCTS. They are chemical free and usually packaged with some sort of recycled product. They should be fair traded products or locally made and grown to cut down on the carbon footprint we leave. There are many great sites to find products made in your area.

Who really wants their skin to look dry, rough, and dull? I know I didn’t and don’t. That’s why I use organic natural skin care products.

I know some people are saying they are expensive. Yes some products can be. How do I know its for me? You can ask for samples from the company or your local retailer. Which products are really organic? You’ll see a USDA seal and READ the LABEL!! You DO NOT want products with SLS sodium laurel sulfates, ALS ammonium sodium sulfates, parabens such as propyl, methyl, or butyl those are synthetic chemicals. There are some many different bad chemicals I can’t even describe it.

What type of ingredients do I want? You’ll want to look for OILS such as jojoba, olive, coconut, and hemp to name a few, also essential oils for fragrance, herbs, and flowers are also ingredients found in organic natural skin care products. The soaps will contain most of these ingredients and will also have the word saponified which means to become converted into soap. There are liquid and bar types depending on your preference.

I know that some of the beauty products will contain the scientific name for the ingredient which may sound scary but it is not. There are many FAKES out there and you’ll need to be careful what you purchase. I found that Emani, Dr. Hauschka, Pangea Organics and Cargo Lipsticks to name a few are great products that are organic and natural. I know there are many more and if you know of any please leave a comment and share with the world.

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