Dont Be A Bad Skin Victim

We all have that friend that wears too much makeup, smokes, drinks too much, and her skin is TERRIBLE! You DO Not want your skin like that, do you? NO?  You can admit it. I admit it, I have a couple of those friends. I try to tel them but they just don’t listen!

Drinking, Smoking, and too much makeup is BAD for the SKIN!

All those chemicals, without thinking of the repercussions of how they affect the skin can and is DEADLY.

There are ways to change all that. How? By using organic natural skin care products and make-up. It also helps by watching what you put in your body as well as what you put on your body.

Do you always feel like your skin will never change and your going to end up like your friend? You can change that, you know!

DON”T be a VICTIM of BAD SKIN, use organic natural skin care products and you’ll have fabulous skin.

There are several brands that are GOOD for your skin and can help with that dull, rough looking skin.  There are many great brands that DO NOT contain the harch man made synthetic chemical that will actually harm your skin.  You need to read the labels of EVERYTHING you put on your skin!

Dr. Houschka is a very nice and popular brand that is good for the skin and do not have synthetic chemicals!

There are several other companies that also which I will get into later….there are some good products out there that are certified ORGANIC!

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